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Convert From Your Paper Fax Machine to e-mail Fax

We still have our office fax machine and scanner. It’s continues to be useful but we have it set up differently now. Here’s our set up:

The fax machine does NOT have its own separate phone number any more. It’s plugged into our main number but set to ‘Never Answer’. So, it never tries to answer any incoming calls.

However, we still send out paper faxes, sometimes. It’s just easier to fax something directly than to scan it, format it, save it, and send it.

Also, we sometimes fax a document to ourselves so as to have a quick digital copy for the archives. The resolution is lower than a full scan, but it’s much quicker and usually good enough quality for our record keeping needs.

You can port over your existing number or choose a new number for a quicker set up. If you are getting a lot of fax spam than this may be a good time to change to one of our available numbers.

In our office we have set up the fax service so that our faxes arrive to two different e-mail addresses. The main e-mail address is to support, with a duplicate copy going to our admin person. It's a free service that we can set up for any customer. Just send an e-mail to support once your account is live.


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