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Setting Up a Corporate Account

We can set up customized accounts for companies needing more than 5 fax numbers with a single monthly billing. The accounts are fully managed. This includes support of individual user accounts for updated e-mail addresses and new account provisioning.

Receive faxes to multiple e-mail accounts

We can set up your accounts to receive all faxes at two separate e-mail accounts. For example, the main e-mail address resolves to the main contact and the secondary e-mail resolves the same faxed document to another (admin) account. There's no additional charge for this manual customization.

We can customize the monthly billing cycle to accept automated credit card payments or manual invoices payable by check, net 30 days.

Possible discounts based on your projected usage patterns can be discussed.

Some Recommendations:

Set up e-mail accounts titled faxes@, admin@,sales@ etc. to more easily manage changes to specific employee job descriptions.

Don't throw out that old fax machine! A common practice is to drop the dedicated fax line and plug the machine into one of the main phone lines. Then, set the fax machine to 'Never Answer'. You can then use the machine to send out faxes without having to first scan them into your local computer.

Feel free to contact us to further discuss all the options available.

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