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Outbound Faxing Limits - ' Overlimit Error '

FAXtopia offers up to 1,000 pages a month of incoming faxes. If you reach the monthly limit it will be temporarily increased so that you don't miss any faxes. However, if we see excessive use or incoming spam we may contact you about your account limits. The best way to eliminate incoming fax spam is to change your fax number. (there are no spam filters for faxes)

We do NOT offer high volume outbound fax services. Our standard terms include 100 outbound 'pages' per month for $9.95. If you expect to be sending more than 100 pages per month you may get an Over Limit error. A solution may be to consider using a physical fax machine connected to a land line.
Also see this suggestion on managing faxes.

We offer these upgrade options:

300 pages outbound per month: $19.90

500 pages outbound per month: $29.85

Please send a request to us at if you would like to upgrade your account.



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