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Customized Fax Service

Unlimited inbound faxes at no extra charge

Receive faxes as a .tiff document

Integrate with fax reader software

Port your existing # or pick a new one

Just $9.95 a month - no extra charges

No set up fees, cancel anytime

Use it for a season - or a year

Get Faxes in a .tiff Format - For Automated Scanning

Are you using CampMinderFax or a similar fax scanning program ?

We can set up your new or existing fax number to communicate properly with their automated fax programs.

The default setting to receive faxes (and usually the best option) is as a .pdf attachment. However, some automated programs can ‘read’ a .tiff file. Specifically, the bar code on a page. We can manually set your account to receive all incoming faxes and a .tif file. Just contact fax support to get this set up.

This is a global change. i.e.; ALL your faxes will arrive as a .tiff. Resolution and quality are similar, but .pdf file sizes are typically smaller and more universally readable through e-mail.

To help you track your fax submissions we can also set up your account to receive all faxes at two separate e-mail addresses. Then, you can be copied every time a customer submits their forms via your fax number.

You can transfer your existing fax number or just choose a new one from our list for faster set up.

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There are no additional charges for this service.

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