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  • Secure and private
  • Receive faxes directly to your inbox
  • Download faxes to your computer
  • Local phone numbers available
  • No hardware or software needed
  • Quick & secure sign up process
  • Only $9.95 per month 
  • No set up or cancellation charges

FAXtopia email fax service

Web based fax services are usually trouble free. Basically, they run on leased phone lines from the major carriers and work on all local exchanges. Once your account is set up it will work without any further support. So long as your e-mail account is working, your web fax service will run fine.

All faxes arrive as a .PDF attachment to your e-mail account. The .PDF files are given a random numerical file name at our fax servers. These can be renamed when you download the file to your local computer. Optionally, we can set up your account to receive all faxes as a .tiff for automated scanning.

Review the My Account tab in your FAXtopia control panel. There's not many options but if you ever need to change your receiving e-mail address or password, or update your credit card, you can do it there.

You can configure your account to receive faxes at two separate e-mail accounts.
Just log into your account, click on the My Account tab, and add a secondary e-mail address.
 - there is no extra charge and will NOT be counted as double traffic towards your monthly pages limit.

Sending ‘Scanned’ Documents:
Be careful to scan your documents at a low resolution, usually 100 dpi. High resolution scans create huge documents that are hard to fax or e-mail. There is a file limit size of 7 MB per document, but smaller file sized have a much lower failure rate. A great way to get a low resolution document is to fax it to yourself and save it locally. See our notes on sending faxes

How long does It take for a fax to arrive?
When someone sends you a fax they typically arrive in less than 3 minutes, depending on your e-mail settings. For faxes over 10 pages, an approximate delivery time is 30 seconds times the number of pages sent. i.e.; a 20 page fax should arrive within 10 minutes. This is because the faxes are scanned and converted to a .PDF before being e-mailed to you.

Error on fax line: "All circuits are busy now" or busy signal
- this is typically an issue with the local phone exchange, not the fax number.
- it usually resolves itself in a few minutes.

Fax Failures:
Sometimes a fax transmission fails. This is usually when sending to a standard fax machine. You send a fax from the FAXtopia portal and the recipient may receive a partial fax, followed by another partial fax. When a fax partially fails we continue to resend it until we get a proper 'completion' handshake. This is a characteristic of the underlying fax technology, not necessarily a carrier specific issue. Faxes can fail occasionally. Click here for fax troubleshooting info.

Sending a fax through a VoIP system usually has a higher failure rate as discount providers do not offer standard 'error checking' as found on land lines.

To cancel an account simply log into your control panel, choose the My Account button click on 'Cancel Account' at the bottom of the page.
- your account will be canceled immediately, the monthly billing will stop, and the fax number is released back into the pool of available numbers. There may be one final charge on your credit card depending on the day of the month your bill cycles, but no further charges will appear after the cancellation date. (All leased fax lines are paid monthly in advance.)

Terms of Service:
We offer an automated, web based, flat fee fax services through our portal at Further info available here.

To keep our costs low, we strive to resolve any issues through support e-mail communications. However, in an emergency you may call our fax support line direct at (303) 346 - 8005

Feel free to e-mail support with any questions.


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