Internet Fax


Convert your existing paper fax machine to e-mail faxes 

low cost e-faxThe most common way to upgrade to an e-mail fax setup is to 'port' (transfer) your existing fax number to FAXtopia. Once the porting is complete your faxes will arrive as a pdf attachment in you e-mail inbox. These PDF docs can be saved on your local machine or printed, if necessary.

Click here for details to transfer your fax number to us.

Click here for the authorization form to port your number. We will also need a copy of your most recent phone bill showing the fax number and service address.

Once the port is complete your current carrier will stop billing you for that number and FAXtopia will bill you just $9.95 per month, no additional charges or fees.


However, don't toss that fax machine....

We still keep our all-in-one scanner / fax machine plugged in to one of our secondary phone lines. The machine is set to 'Never Answer' and to 'Not Ring'. On occasion, we will fax out something from that machine. Sometimes, it can  be quicker than scanning and e-mailing. We sometimes fax to ourselves for a quick, lower resolution, electronic copy.
 - unlike a traditional fax machine set up, with FAXtopia you can actually fax to your own number.