Internet Fax


Setting Up a Corporate Account for Web Fax Service

If you need multiple fax numbers and a customized billing program just give us a call at (561) 325 - 7307. We can customize a plan to fit your system and manage it for you, including transferring any existing fax numbers and setting up all the accounts.

Transfer Your Existing Numbers

We can manage the transfer (porting) of your existing fax numbers and assist in migrating the accounts so that no faxes are lost.

Full Set Up and Implementation by our Support Team

We will fully manage your account, from the initial set up to ongoing maintenance. Our experience shows that many companies want a unique set up and we can usually accommodate it. We'll have some 'best practices' suggestions to keep everything running smoothly.

Receive faxes at multiple e-mail addresses

Incoming faxes can be delivered to one or two separate e-mail addresses at no additional cost. If you have multiple employees or contractors needing to get the same fax we suggest setting up an e-mail distribution list on your side.

Ongoing support, both online and by phone

Once the accounts are fully set up the only maintenance is usually some occasional e-mail address changes. You can handle these directly through our online portal or simply send us an e-mail detailing the changes needed.

Common Recommendations

Set up targeted e-mail addresses on your side like admin@, sales@, accounting@, etc. This will make it easier to create and manage e-mail distribution lists and to manage employee and job description changes.

Call us direct at (561) 325 7307