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Faxtopia Online Fax Support

If you believe your fax number has an issue the first test is to dial the number from a phone. You should hear a fax tone within 2 rings. If there is no answer or a busy signal please contact us. That's usually an issue with the underlying carrier and we will get it resolved.

We provide full support to our customers via both e-mail and phone. We will respond quickly to all support requests. Call us or click here to email us about any support issue.

You can log into your account portal at and update your e-mail address and credit card. Your log in ID is your e-mail address.

Incoming faxes take approximately one minute per page to arrive. Thus, a 10 page fax should arrive in ten minutes. There should never be a busy signal.

Outages are very rare and are usually due to line problems at the wholesale carrier level. Typically, we can get these resolved within an hour or two.

Here's a review of web fax companies and how they compare to our terms.

Accounts are billed monthly, in advance, through your credit card. You may cancel anytime. Our full Terms of Service can be seen here.

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