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FAXtopia Terms of Service, Inc is a registered corporation based in Florida.
We NEVER share customer data or e-mails with any person, company or entity
We will not send you any marketing e-mails

See Our Full Privacy Policy here

We offer internet fax services through our website utilizing a fully automated process. The flat rate charge is $9.95 a month, payable in advance monthly. No set up, overage or cancellation fees are charged.

Accounts can be canceled anytime with no penalty. However, once a monthly payment is made
for the following month there are no refunds for any unused days within that billing cycle.

As a security measure, we do NOT keep copies of any faxes. If you lose a fax we cannot re-send it.

The monthly fee is $9.95 with no additional charges. There are never any additional charges unless you agree to them in advance.

Fax spamming is prohibited. We may cancel your account if we get complaints from any Internet Service Provider or governmental agency. If you are receiving a lot of fax spam the best solution may be to change fax numbers. There is no effective Spam filter or 'Do Not Fax' list.

Porting Fax Numbers: We can attempt to port your existing fax number to our servers. The process can take 10 days, depending on the carrier. It may incur a charge of $25- for a ‘successful’ fax number porting over to us after it is completed.
You may port your number away from us at anytime without charge if you give us notice that it is being transferred. No cancellation fee.

Accounts can be canceled by the user anytime with no penalty. There are no refunds for unused days in a billing cycle.

We delete all faxes from our servers after sending them.

It is our policy to comply with all appropriate laws and regulations in the industry.
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