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The Cheapest Fax Services Can Have Limitations

In years past there were many companies offering free faxing. However, most of them have gone away.  Microsoft office still has a functionality, but it requires a paid phone line, connected to a modem. (yes, a modem) So, that’s not a great option.
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Some free and low-cost providers offer very limited services, and they have other drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns is how they manage your data. Do they earn revenue by scanning it and selling info to marketing firms? You would never know, but they are definately making revenue somehow.

The things to consider from a free fax provider include:
The industry leaders offer lots of features, but do you really need them?

Faxing technology is relatively simple and has been perfected over the past 40 years. No one has a ‘better’ fax service. They just have different interfaces and costs. has the best low-cost program in the industry.
Just a flat fee of $9.95 a month with no surprise overage charges.
1,000 incoming fax pages monthly, 100 outbound monthly
All faxes are deleted from the servers after the faxes are successfully sent.
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