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Fax Number Porting
Transfer Your Existing Number

You can keep your existing fax number by 'porting' it to our e-mail fax service. Your local carrier will no longer bill you for that line and we will charge just $9.95 a month.

Depending on the carrier, the process takes about a week and there may be a charge from your existing carrier of $25-. We will only bill you after the porting is successful and your account is live.

To port your existing fax number fill out this Port My Fax Number form and fax it to us at (561) 801 7727. Also include a copy of your most recent phone bill showing that number. Then, sign up for a Faxtopia e-mail fax account and choose any available number. This will set up your account and we will automatically roll it over to your existing fax number as soon as your carrier releases it.

Note that most all carriers allow their customers to transfer their fax numbers. However, efax, jfax, callwave and send2fax typically do not allow customers to take their fax numbers if they leave. We hope that policy of forced customer retention changes in the future. The workaround for their restrictions is to open a new, separate account at FAXtopia and start the process of notifying customers of your new number. Within a couple months you should be able to cancel the old e-fax account.

We will keep you updated on the porting process and advise you once the porting is complete. No additional set up is required from you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at (561) 325 7307.

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